Business Licensing

Every year, all businesses that are operated for a profit, associations, sole proprietorships, or corporations shall have a tax assessed, levied, and collected in the following amounts.

Employees Inside the City Limits
(including owners/managers)
1-5 employees $50
6-15employees $75
16+employees $125

New businesses starting September 1 or later pay only half the fee indicated above for the remainder of the License Year.

Business license renewals are due March 1 of each year and expire on February 28 of the following year.
  • No license will be issued unless the application is complete and the fee is remitted each year
  • A Home Occupation form must be completed every year if the business is conducted within the residence
  • If the business has more than one location, a separate license must be purchased for each location
  • Checks are to be made payable to the City of Evanston
The Licensing Office must be notified in writing or by phone in the event there is a change affecting the original application filed or the status of the company.