The Independence Day Celebration in Evanston in 1871 included the dedication of the Union Pacific Roundhouse and Machine Shop. In 1912, the present brick roundhouse and turntable were constructed to accommodate the larger steam locomotives being brought into service. The Roundhouse and associated structures served the UPRR as a main railcar and engine repair station and later as a reclamation facility.

In 1971, the UPRR officially vacated the Roundhouse, and the following year, deeded the properties (with the exception of the Power House) to the City of Evanston. From 1972 to 1998, the Roundhouse continued to be utilized as a repair station as several companies leased it from the city. In 1998, the last business vacated the site.

In 2004, a Master Plan was created designating the Roundhouse as a future public building and as a future city hall. With the completion of the nearby Machine Shop in 2005 and its parking area in 2006, it became evident that the time had arrived to save Section One of the Roundhouse. In 2007, the city was awarded a Wyoming Business Council grant to help renovate the 65,000 sq. ft. first section, and by January, 2008, project had begun.

In 2009, the community held the first event in the renovated first section of the Roundhouse: The 27th Annual Renewal Ball.