Main Street & Renewal Agency Funding

The Evanston Urban Renewal Agency and Main Street programs are authorized by Wyoming laws. The organizations have the authority to receive grant funds from most sources - federal, state and private sectors. The Funding History shows how much has come from these various sources and how those grants have been spent over the years.

One of the most important functions of the Main Street organization is local private sector fundraising . In the 36-year history of the Renewal Ball, almost $1,510,900 in private-sector funds have been raised. This funding is critical as match for grant applications. The community commitement to the varous restoration projects adds great credibility to the applications and is persuasive to decision makers.

Evanston Main Street Renewal Agency has many completed projects to its credit, but also has important work in progress. Donations to these efforts are always needed and appreciated. If you are interested in helping with the preservation and restoration efforts, please contact the Evanston Main Street Coordinator, Jane Law, or any of the Board of Directors. Thank you for your support!