Functions of Planning and Developing

Functions of the Planning and Development Department
  • Answer phone inquiries and record messages
  • Create, maintain, and update files and records
  • Respond to citizen requests and offer advice and alternatives to questions and concerns
  • Schedule meetings between citizens and Planning Department staff and staff members from other departments
  • Respond to requests for information
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings
  • Coordinate the review process for home occupations
  • Prepare capital project requests
  • Manage the operational budget
  • Attend work sessions and City Council meetings
  • Prepare staff reports as necessary for all Planning Department related issues
  • Offer alternatives to issues for the Council to consider
  • Respond promptly to requests from City Council members
  • Attend monthly Planning Commission meetings
  • Coordinate periodic workshops with the Commission to review planning issues and trends
  • Prepare staff reports for conditional use permits, variances, zone changes, text amendments, new ordinances, subdivisions, and development plans
  • Conduct site reviews for public hearings
  • Coordinate public hearing requests which include the preparation of the public hearing notices for publication in the Uinta County Herald, the mailing of letters to adjacent property owners, posting of properties, etc.
  • Take minutes for all public hearings
  • As needed, prepare Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Decision and Order for contested case public hearing requests that the Commission considers
  • Review and prepare staff reports for all sign permit requests
  • Review and approve site plans for residential, commercial, industrial, and other development; prepare a summary report
  • Review completion of site development requirements for the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy
  • Offer conceptual design assistance for development projects
  • Coordinate the review process for the subdivision of land including lot line adjustments, lot splits, minor subdivisions, and major subdivisions
  • Schedule meetings of the City Subdivision Review Committee
  • Establish time frames for the review of subdivisions by the Planning Commission and the City Council
  • Present proposed subdivisions to the Planning Commission and the City Council
  • Prepare staff reports for subdivisions
  • Prepare colored illustrative plans of subdivisions for the Planning Commission and the City Council to review
  • Review the development agreement between the city and the developer
  • Coordinate creation of the Evanston 2030 Comprehensive Plan
  • Coordinate implementation of the Evanston 2010 Comprehensive Plan
  • Coordinate implementation of the Bear River Drive Corridor Renaissance Plan
  • Coordinate implementation of the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan with Timeless Tracks, Inc. (Mirror Lake Scenic Byway Committee)
  • Coordinate implementation of The BEAR Project Master Plan with The BEAR Project, Inc.
  • Coordinate other community planning efforts
  • Prepare maps and plans for presentation purposes
  • Offer design assistance and recommendations for community urban design projects
  • Prepare conceptual plans; site plans; final design plans; construction drawings, contracts and specifications for community urban design projects
  • Coordinate project management of community urban design projects
  • Coordinate monthly nuisance meetings between the Planning Department, the Police Department, the Public Works Department, and the Building Department
  • Perform site inspections of nuisances
  • Prepare and mail letters regarding nuisances to affected parties
  • Track nuisances for compliance and possible enforcement action in Municipal Court
  • Maintain files and records
  • Prepare articles about planning issues for publication in the Uinta County Herald
  • Prepare articles for publication in the Western Planner Magazine
  • Promote planning education to students of UCSD #1 through presentations and partnerships
  • Participate in radio forums
  • Keep the Planning Commission and City Council informed about planning issues and trends
  • Participate in the national American Planning Association
  • Participate in the regional Western Planner network
  • Participate in the state Wyoming Planning Association
  • As requested, offer advice regarding planning issues to communities and other entities in Wyoming, the western region, and the U.S.
  • As requested, prepare summaries of actions regarding successful planning projects in Evanston for distribution regionally and nationally
  • Serve in a liaison capacity to community non-profits including The BEAR Project, Inc.; Timeless Tracks, Inc. (Mirror Lake Scenic Byway Committee); the Evanston Cycling Club, Inc.; the Uinta County Sled Dog Race Committee; and the City Beautification Committee
  • Coordinate meetings, the recording of minutes, mailings, etc.
  • Participate in the development of capital projects and the management of activities and events
  • Coordinate the student essay contest during Celebrate Evanston Week
  • Distribute the Green Thumb award for community beautification during the summer months
  • Distribute Christmas ornaments to residents for their Christmas decorating displays
  • Coordinate the bike safety and education poster contest with the Evanston Cycling Club
  • Coordinate the Uinta County stage of the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race with the Jackson race committee and the Uinta County Sled Dog Race Committee
  • Assist with other community activities and events as necessary
  • Provide staff support in any way possible that will help to promote the public health, safety, and welfare
  • Other duties as assigned