Engineering & Building 

The Engineering Department provides engineering expertise, surveying, mapping, inspections, and oversees contractual services for improvements within the public rights-of-way.

The Engineer’s primary responsibilities are to:

  • Monitor public improvements
  • Process plan reviews for new development
  • Provide technical reviews and standards
  • Review designs for new subdivisions
  • Administer and coordinate the Capital Improvements Program using:
    • project estimates
    • scheduling
    • bidding
    • specifications

The Department also:

  • Reviews construction permits for water, sewer, and storm drain extensions
  • Reviews grading and drainage plans
  • Ensures compliance with the flood plain ordinance
  • Oversees as-built records and information

The Building Department examines all buildings and structures in the course of construction or alteration to protect the public and to enforce all applicable codes.

The Building Inspector’s primary responsibilities are to:

  • Review/Issue building permits
  • Examine any building or structure or part of any building or structure
  • Inspect building materials and use
  • Make records of violations
  • Approve Plans
  • Inspect for safety and code compliance
  • Works closely with state and local officials