School Resource Officers (SRO)

The Evanston Police Department School Resource Officer Program is a joint effort between the school district, the students and parents of Evanston, and the Evanston Police Department. The school resource program has proved to be one of our most valuable programs since its inception.

The goal of the school resource program is to allow the officers and students to better understand each other and to build partnerships with the students, the schools, and the police department. The department is dedicated to the youth in our community. This program promotes a better understanding of our laws, why they were enacted, and their benefits. The program provides a visible and positive image for law enforcement.

The officers serve as a confidential source of counseling to students concerning problems they face. The officers bring expertise into schools that will help young people make more positive choices in their lives. The officers also work to protect the school environment and to maintain an atmosphere where students feel safe to learn and teachers feel safe to teach. Currently, there are 2 school resource officers assigned to the schools in the Evanston area.