Pet Licensing

Chapter 5 of the Evanston City Code states that anyone owning a pet in the city is required to obtain a rabies certificate and pay license fees for the pet. The code reads as follows:

§ 5-3. Owner to present rabies certificate and pay license fee; tag and collar; impoundment of unlicensed dogs or cats.
A. Any person owning or desiring to keep a dog or cat within the city may be permitted to do so by exhibiting to the city clerk or other person appointed by the city a current rabies certificate showing the dog or cat to be owned or kept has been vaccinated against rabies and pay a license fee each year. It shall be the duty of the owner of such dog or cat so licensed to provide such dog or cat a suitable collar to attach the license tag that will be issued by the city clerk. All dogs or cats registered but not collared and tagged as aforesaid found running at large will be impounded and the owner subject to the same penalty as the owner of unregistered dogs or cats.
B. Any person convicted of a failure to vaccinate or license a dog or cat shall be fined fifty dollars for each conviction and no dog or cat impounded as a result of a violation of subsection A of this section shall be released from impoundment until a rabies vaccination and/or license is obtained for said dog or cat.
§ 5-4. Replacement of lost tags.
If a valid dog or cat license tag has been lost, the city clerk or person appointed by the city is authorized to issue a duplicate thereof to the legal owner at no additional cost or expense to such owner, such license tag to be valid for the unexpired term of the original license.
§ 5-5. Placing tags on unregistered; removing collars from registered dogs or cats.
It shall be unlawful for any person to place a license tag on any dog or cat which has not been licensed in accordance with Section 5-3, and it shall be unlawful to deprive a registered dog or cat of its collar.
§ 5-6. Removing collars, licenses or tags from dogs and cats; generally.
It is unlawful for any person, other than the legal owner, or a peace officer in the performance of his duty, to deprive a dog or cat of its collar, license or tag.
§ 5-7. Term of license; delinquent date; 1-half fee for licenses issued after July 1. All licenses for dogs or cats as required by this chapter shall be due on January 1st of each year, and such licenses shall expire on December 31st of each year; provided, however, that such license fee shall not be delinquent until the following March 1st, if the owner thereof had a license for the animal to be licensed during the preceding year, or part thereof, as provided by this chapter. In case of owners acquiring dogs or cats after July 1st of any year, a license may be issued for the remainder of such year at the cost of only 1-half the fee; provided that the provisions of this chapter concerning vaccinations and other requirements are fully complied with and the license fee at such reduced rate fully paid at the date of issuance of such license.
§ 5-8. Rabies vaccination— Generally.
A. When a dog or cat has been vaccinated for rabies as required by this chapter the veterinarian shall make a record thereof and retain the same in his office and, upon demand of the owner, shall issue a certificate of the time, place and type of vaccination, including the type of vaccine used.
B. The vaccination shall be valid for 1 year from and after the date of such vaccination. If "modified live chick embryo vaccine" is used in such vaccination, the vaccination for rabies shall be valid for a period of 2 years from and after the date of certificate therefor. Any owner of a dog or cat which has been vaccinated by such "modified live chick embryo vaccine" by a veterinarian located in another city or place, who furnishes to the city clerk or person appointed by the city a certificate as proof of such method of vaccination, where a period of 2 years has not expired since such vaccination, shall be entitled to register such dog or cat in the city upon payment of the license fee for the year or portion of the year unexpired as provided by this chapter.

Fees for licensing a pet are as follows:
License Fee - Annually Life Time Tags
Dogs - altered $ 4.00 Dogs - altered $ 15.00
Dogs - unaltered $ 15.00
Cats - altered $ 4.00 Cats - altered $ 15.00
Cats - unaltered $ 15.00