Past Board Members

Urban Renewal Board History
Before Evanston was accepted as a Wyoming Main Street community, the important work was being carried out by the Evanston Urban Renewal Agency. Over the years, many volunteers have worked on Renewal Agency and Main Street programs.

Some of the key volunteers over time are those willing to serve on the Boards of Directors. The following citizens have given of their time and talents as Directors and Evanston thanks them.

Past Members
  • Tim Beppler
  • Harry Palmer
  • George Andrews
  • Jessie Monroe
  • Bob DeMonbrun
  • Andrea Andrews
  • Mildred Palmer
  • Randy Ottley
  • Pat Alexander
  • Barbara Bogart
  • Julie Abbott
  • Cory Becker
  • Bob Scheutz
  • Patsy Madia
  • Dr. John Doidge
  • Julie Lehman
  • Brian Perkins
  • George McKinley
  • Norwood Sutton
  • Claudia Bills
  • Mark Harris
  • Lynne Fox
  • Joy Walton
  • Fred Coles
  • Janice Bodine
  • Scott Rasmussen
  • Kathy Edwards
  • Van Johnson
  • Roger Cazin
  • Keith Bray
  • Jerry Wall
  • Mark Hansen
  • Rachel Reifon
  • Jon Dolezal
  • Lee Quillinan
  • Janye Leland