Brian Davis

  1. Co-Chair
    Phone: 307-789-1560
    Home Décor
    1609 W Center ST
    Evanston, WY  82930

    Appointment and Term
    Appointed February 21, 2017
    Term Expires January 2022

    Personal Statement
    Evanston has always been a special place to me. As a small child I have fond memories of visiting relatives on our trips to Wyoming. My grandparents lived just a couple of blocks from downtown and we would often walk to some of the stores to grab food or play coin operated video games as a child. Even as a young child downtown was a special place.  In 1984 my parents moved back to Evanston and eventually opened a gift store on Main Street that remains in business 32 years later. So when the situation arose for my wife and me to move to Evanston and continue the family business, we jumped on the opportunity. We found a cute old home near downtown and are now continuing the business that began in 1986. When I was asked to join the Urban Renewal Agency Board of Directors I knew it was a great opportunity to help continue the work that my father had dedicated a large part of his life to and that both he and my mother are passionate about.

    Having lived here now for a couple of years I can say that moving back was the best thing my wife and I could have done. Evanston is a special place with special people and being able to help contribute to this town and preserve its rich history and to help it grow and continue to be a special place is a labor of love.

    Volunteer Efforts
    Evanston Renewal Ball Volunteer
    Evanston Brew Fest volunteer
    Evanston Main Street Promotions Team/Committee Member
    Evanston 5K – Jingle Bell Jaunt volunteer
    Wyoming Community Foundation Board Member

    Education & Training
    Attended the Wyoming Best Practices Workshop in Kansas City in 2018
    Attended the National Main Street Conference in Kansas City in 2018
    Attended the Placemaking workshop in 2017 and 2018
    Jon Schallert Workshop 2018